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Rain, Rain....

Just want you to know that I started to write this article from the dashboard of my car, but I did make it to Connelly’s.  Wonder Why?

Some say that tonight was Les Miserables, while others say it was like bumping a Bowling Ball. You decide. But what a combination, soup and frozen drinks at Connolly’s in June.  It was no different than what we had at Riis tonight.  Thank God the soup at Connolly’s was Hot Chili.  It warmed everyone down to the soul.  In the most extreme conditions the league has ever played in, memories were created to last a lifetime.  Or at least until next weeks rain.

The match of the night was ironically for last place in the Ocean Division. Kerry Hills Eiele was not happy about being dissed and swept in their initial appearance in the top division in week one.  After getting swept last week, they won the first game against Bikini Bottom All Stars in a close first game.  The All Stars took the next two games and were confident after going ahead 11-3 in game four.  After Katie and Kenny put their heads together, the Hills stormed back taking game four in triple overtime.  The Hills finished their first winning week by taking game five, also in OT. The sunny side to this rainy day for the All Stars is that in their losing effort, Mike and Eva played the best games of their young careers.

If anyone questions why Coppersmiths and Marie’s Traitors are the best in the league the answer could be seen in the pouring rain when everyone was heading home to a hot shower, they played a pick up game.  Coppersmith’s beat Abbracciamento’s  4-1.  Maybe the weather had something to do with it, or maybe it was Rocky’s “condition” that kept him out of the last 4 games.  Condition?  Now we have you thinking!

Marie’s Traitors feel they need to respond to last week’s article. Coppersmith’s may be having more fun without the evil one, but the Traitors have one thing to say to Mark Gentile after a crushing victory over Kevin O’Malley and Bobby Whelan’s “Super-Squad” or otherwise know as Healy’s (we need a Time Out) Tavern. Why is the evil one  (and the rest of her benedict Arnolds) #1?   Two questions to be answered next week …. Can anyone tell us what 5+5+5 equals and where does the new Superstar “Mike Dallas Casey” come from? Dallas?!?

Where is Kenny?  That is what Steve + Party Boy would like to know.  The Bishop (aka Party Boy) was in awe as he saw the “ray of light” as he was planting the poles in the sand getting the net ready for play.  If you want to know who won the Wet T Shirt contest, check the website for the pictures.  Overall they won 2, but the rules stated you have to win by two not 21 (so Steve says).  Steve said that the Cookie run begins tomorrow evening at 7pm and the VB games will be played (no matter what, even if we see snow) on Wednesdays from here on in. 

Connolly’s Island wants to know where is the rest of their team?  Doesn’t matter, those that showed up to play this evenings game won 4-1 over the Tap + Grill. Even though due to the wet weather and the fact that her pants kept falling off, Cpt. Denise took what she had and gave it her all.

And now a word from The Ramblers and The Gamblers.  Kudos to everyone who showed and played due to the weather.  Bonnie said the rest of the players were building the Ark to help the team get through the rest of the season (and the weather).  They did manage to get 3 games in, Its All Good they one the two.  As Bonnie was getting her Game On (aka Coors Light) all games got halted.  Much to their surprise, the rest of the league continued on. Billy “Quack” Kaufman played like you wouldn’t believe. 


Jay Butler states the Rugby Club House defeated the Rugby Fisheads 5 games to 0, in the torrential, arctic downpour.  Much to the dismay of local H.S. Cheerleaders, the Polar conditions prevented Fisheads Tyrone Sperling from going shirtless and or shortless.  Rugby Clubhouse’s Big John Biscaino was named Tank Top Man of the year for remaining in his Wife Beater T for the remainder of the night.  Does he belong in Rockaway? Also, in an unprecedented move, furious about the Divisional demotion, Jay Butler requests that the Rugby Clubhouse step up a division on position night to play Abbracciamento’s.  Is this a challenge? 

            Irish Tunes held its own considering Wonder Women couldn’t land the Invisible Plane due to weather conditions.  They played their best, but lost to the Suns of Beaches 3-2.